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Stitch Count Estimate
When you upload a graphic, we will respond with an overall assessment and an initial stitch count estimate. When you place an order and have approved your design, the logo charge will be adjusted to reflect the actual stitch count of your design.

Reduce Stitch Count
To some extent, stitch count is a function of area. If your design includes a lage flat area of fill stitches, you may choose to let the garment show through to reduce stitches. Outlines use a disproportionate number of stitches so be careful about including too many outlines. Our design specialists will be happy to help you evaluate ways to reduce stitch count if you wish.

To the right are examples of designs along with their stitch counts and sizes. The designs are not to scale but you will probably recognize that detail equal stitches. If you would like to have an stitch count of your design, send your logo and we will respond by e-mail with a stitch count estimate and any suggestions that may be appropriate.

7722 stitches
3.016" w x 1.323" h
4106 stitches
3.496" w x 2.283" h
9740 stitches
3.756" w x " 3.575" h
11893 stitches
3.655" w x 2.886" h
10831 stitches
2.748" w x 2.268" h